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September 15, 2017

Oaxaca City and the state it’s located in are truly magical. Oaxaca City is home to a vibrant culture, traditions, art, ancient textile techniques, mezcal, the pacific coast and of course an amazing culinary scene. Now, let’s get the pronunciation of Oaxaca down – WA-HA-KA. It is a tricky looking word that trips many people up!

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August 30, 2017

Travel is tough, on our bodies, sleep patterns and immune system. Sometimes, instead of feeling restored during or after our travels we return sluggish and even sick. You can't stop germs, but you can prepare your body with the best chance to fight them off and stay healthy during your vay-cay. Here are some tips for healthy traveling by stocking this supply of natural vitamins to help counter act the stress and fatigue of travel:

August 24, 2017

Traveling through Mexico as a vegan isn't as hard as you think. The bases of many regional dishes are already veg friendly, you just need to ask to remove a few key ingredients and have the lingo down pat so you don't get a plate covered in cheese in front of you. I have been in Mexico for nearly two years and I have been able to eat nearly everywhere I have walked into or stopped on the street for. The choices are not always the best, but I have by no means ever gone hungry due to there being nothing for me to eat.  So, I shall walk you lovely veggie eaters and possibly aspiring veggie eaters on the things to say and resources to use to use during your adventures in Mexico so you can feel confident eating everywhere.

August 21, 2017

Spending two years travelling/living abroad was incredible. An experience and education I would never trade for anything. But, everything good comes to an end, and as one adventure ends another always begins. Heading home to Australia was super exciting and nerve racking at the same time. I had a few things running through my head, "Are we ready for 'normal' life again?', "What is normal?", "Where do we want to live in Australia?" and of course "When are we going to travel again?"

August 6, 2017

Everyone has a different take on stop-overs. Depending on where they are, I love them. Stretching my legs and getting some free space off a plane, definitely eases my flight anxiety. Los Angeles is by far my fave, I flew in the other day from Mexico City at 9 am and my flight out to Australia wasn’t until 11:30 pm that night. This gave me plenty of time to check out Venice Beach, shop at Abbott Kinney and  explore Santa Monica.

July 29, 2017

This post is an ode to Mexico, my home for the last two years. I have been more than humbled to live in this country full of culture, colour and chaos. I wanted to put together my favourite photos I have taken during my adventures in Mexico to show a glimpse of the daily grind, the beauty and the hopefully, through these images you will be able to feel the cities and their heartbeats.  A mish, mash of my memories that I will cherish forever. No es un adiós, pero hasta luego México...

July 27, 2017

Oaxaca is known for many things... mezcal, mole, chocolate, coffee, incredible textiles and I like to think the city has some amazing rooftop bars and eateries. I love drinking and eating anywhere with a view, open air and great atmosphere. So over the last few months I have made it a little goal to see as many rooftops as possible and pick my faves out of the bunch. I have been spoilt for choice and cutting this list to 5 was tough, I had to even visit these establishments for a few extra cocktails just to make sure I had it right. It is a hard life, I am telling you.

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