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April 11, 2017

We had a few friends come to visit us here from Guanajuato City. So naturally, tour guide mode kicks in and we wanted to show them everything. Two of the things we decided on checking out was Mitla, a near by textile town which is also close to Hierve El Agua. Hieve El Agua are natural rock formations created by fresh water springs. The water is full of calcium carbonate and other minerals. As the water runs down the cliffs, the calcium carbonate and minerals have been deposited over thousands of years to create two rock formations that used to be flowing waterfalls, now they are stunning natural sculptures. The smaller cascade "Cascada Chica" has two man made natural spring infinity like pools on top of it where tourists can swim and sun bake as well as smaller natural springs around them. The larger cascade "Cascada Grande" has a hiking track to the top of it and down into the valley below.

April 8, 2017

This blog focuses on the things you need to know about living abroad and making the right choices, so your new home transition can be as seamless as possible. Firstly, if you are moving to a country with a completely different culture, language, government structure etc. I suggest taking a long term holiday before you make the move. I spent 8 months in Mexico before making the decision to set up camp in Oaxaca City. This amount of time gave me the opportunity to explore other states and make an informed decision. Everything is pretty different. But thats why we travel, yeah? To experience different corners of the world. But, different at times can be annoying. Like when you need to buy furniture for your new home, but the only place that has anything that you like is in another state. Or, when you go to get your hair coloured, and instead of blonde hair you walk out a brunette. I am still sour about the hair situation. And then, there are the little inconveniences like language barri...

March 29, 2017

Ahhhh, Puerto. Mi amor. All up we spent about 8 months in this paradise/developing town. Everyday for me it was a harsh contrast between poverty and stunning tropical beaches. For my partner Zac it was great living on the beach so close to "Mexican Pipe" Playa Zicatela. Each sunset in Puerto Escondido is beautiful, it was my favourite part of the day, laying in my hammock under the palapa watching the sky change colours. Lets see, I can tell you my favourite places to eat, how we found long term accommodation, where to party, best forms of transport and what activities are worth doing.

March 26, 2017

We caught the bus and water taxi from Bocas Del Toro, Panama and crossed the border into Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. There are many bus companies who take you from Bocas to the Costa Rican border, from there you cross the border and go through customs by foot and meet your connecting bus on the other side. We used Puerto Viejo Satellite to get more information and Caribe Shuttles and Boat to organise our trip. The first week or more was spent in the beautiful beach side town of Puerto Viejo, known for its great surf and Rastafarian vibes. There is a bright mix of Afro-Caribbean, Bribri Indian, tico and hippyesque counterculture that gives the town a really nice atmosphere.  We booked a cute AirBnb just a short bike ride out of the main strip, bike rental shops are everywhere in town and they are the best way to explore the town and surrounding beaches. One of my favourite things about the Caribbean side of Costa Rica was the food. The local kitchens "Sodas" have a delicious an...

March 15, 2017

Our visas were coming to and end in Mexico and we needed to take a trip to renew them. So we decided on a quick getaway to Panama and Costa Rica. I didn't really have an idea about the capital city of  Panama, but when we arrived I was surprised about how beautiful Casco Viejo was. We stayed in the city for a few nights and spent the rest of our time exploring the historical centre and soaking up the sights before heading to Bocas Del Toro. What I loved about Panama City, especially Caso Viejo were the abundance of cafes, nightlife and music in the air. The vibe was tropical, colourful and made you feel excited for some reason. It feels like something amazing is about to happen there, maybe because the historical centre is still a mix of beautifully restored colonial buildings and others which are so dilapidated that it seems impossible that families are living full lives within their walls. It is quite weird to walk past a boarded up building and when you look through the window...

March 10, 2017

Where better to start writing about than the city I live in? Oaxaca City is located in the south pacific side of Mexico and is the capital of the state Oaxaca. El Centro is full of life and colour. We live in a gorgeous old building with great neighbours and a pizzeria downstairs. It is very hard to avoid eating pizza everyday, the struggle has been real. Slowly, we are figuring out the city and all of its nooks and crannies. I love how there is always an art show, live music, parties and street vendors ready to feed you any night of the week. Art is a big deal here in Oaxaca. You will find hand made textiles from local pueblos (towns), graphic artists in their tallers (workshops), painters, embroiderers and poets. This city is buzzing with creative people making beautiful things.

March 6, 2017

So much has happened since myself and my partner Zac left Australia for Mexico last March 2016. We both wanted to travel for a long time and when the opportunity arose we grabbed it with both hands. We booked our tickets, packed our life into a storage container somewhere in Melbourne and off we went. Looking back, there are no regrets, I only wish I took my rarely attended Spanish lessons way more seriously. I don't think I had any clue that most people in Mexico, especially the south, do not speak english. We spent our first few days in Mexico City. At first, it is very daunting, over polluted and full on. But as I visit the city more often, I have found pockets of the city of I like. With amazing vintage furniture shops and great food. Still, a few days is all I need before I am ready to get out of there. After Mexico city we caught the first class bus (highly recommended - see tips) down to Acapulco, apparently the highway you take is a dangerous stretch of road... we did no...

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