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April 11, 2017

We had a few friends come to visit us here from Guanajuato City. So naturally, tour guide mode kicks in and we wanted to show them everything. Two of the things we decided on checking out was Mitla, a near by textile town which is also close to Hierve El Agua. Hieve El Agua are natural rock formations created by fresh water springs. The water is full of calcium carbonate and other minerals. As the water runs down the cliffs, the calcium carbonate and minerals have been deposited over thousands of years to create two rock formations that used to be flowing waterfalls, now they are stunning natural sculptures. The smaller cascade "Cascada Chica" has two man made natural spring infinity like pools on top of it where tourists can swim and sun bake as well as smaller natural springs around them. The larger cascade "Cascada Grande" has a hiking track to the top of it and down into the valley below.

April 8, 2017

This blog focuses on the things you need to know about living abroad and making the right choices, so your new home transition can be as seamless as possible. Firstly, if you are moving to a country with a completely different culture, language, government structure etc. I suggest taking a long term holiday before you make the move. I spent 8 months in Mexico before making the decision to set up camp in Oaxaca City. This amount of time gave me the opportunity to explore other states and make an informed decision. Everything is pretty different. But thats why we travel, yeah? To experience different corners of the world. But, different at times can be annoying. Like when you need to buy furniture for your new home, but the only place that has anything that you like is in another state. Or, when you go to get your hair coloured, and instead of blonde hair you walk out a brunette. I am still sour about the hair situation. And then, there are the little inconveniences like language barri...

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