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March 15, 2017

Our visas were coming to and end in Mexico and we needed to take a trip to renew them. So we decided on a quick getaway to Panama and Costa Rica. I didn't really have an idea about the capital city of  Panama, but when we arrived I was surprised about how beautiful Casco Viejo was. We stayed in the city for a few nights and spent the rest of our time exploring the historical centre and soaking up the sights before heading to Bocas Del Toro. What I loved about Panama City, especially Caso Viejo were the abundance of cafes, nightlife and music in the air. The vibe was tropical, colourful and made you feel excited for some reason. It feels like something amazing is about to happen there, maybe because the historical centre is still a mix of beautifully restored colonial buildings and others which are so dilapidated that it seems impossible that families are living full lives within their walls. It is quite weird to walk past a boarded up building and when you look through the window...

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