Finding good food around the world is easy

Whilst traveling I have relied on a few apps, local opinions, bloggers, travel websites and my own general curiosity to find the best places to eat out.

From cheap eats to a fancy meal, these options below should help you eat whatever your heart desires all around the world.

I use HappyCow to find any vegan and veg restaurants close by, no mater what city I am in. This app has saved me from starvation more than once!




Here are a few others that will also lend a hand in your search for great food options:

Nomadic Matt

Eat Your World

Chronicles of a Travel Addict

And I use these sites to get inspiration for great home cooked meals, they never let me down.

Deliciously Ella


Minimalist Baker


Thug Kitchen


& info

Accommodation needs and travel tastes are personal but these resources can help you make the right choices


When I need information on the next town I am visiting I always check out Lonely Planet Guides so I don't miss a detail.


I am a little picky of where I stay whilst I am travelling.

Mainly, I cast the most judgement on the "sleeping" situation as I am not the best at getting shut eye.

So I always look for a decent bed, then depending on the length of stay, the kitchen. A big part of travelling is cooking, to keep your budget down and also because going out every night can ruin the whole experience eventually. Plus, buying and eating the local produce is the best way to support the community you are visiting.

What I like is not everyones cup of tea, so here are some great options to check out for your travels that will keep costs down and help you make some great connections around the planet.


I love the community they promote, and I am happy to say I have made great friends because of the homes I have been lucky to stay in during my ventures.


Stay with locals and meet fellow travellers around the world. You can also be a host and check out local events in your city, or in cities in whatever country you are in.


Roomorama is an easy way to book unique short term and vacation rentals worldwide. Whether a city break or island getaway, travellers who seek the all the comforts, privacy and amenities of a home can choose from a wide range of accommodations such as city lofts or beachfront villas.


Find hotels at the best prices around the globe. The traveler’s first and independent source of information for finding the ideal hotel at the lowest rate.



Great sites to find cheap flights to take you around the world...

One of the best things in life is finding great flight deals!

Saving money on flights means more ways of spending your hard earned dollars during your trip.

Check these great sites out for the BEST flight deals all year round.

Hot tip - If you are flexible with dates and love a bit of spontaneity than you will find the bargains.

Try to take your trips during normal "work" times during the year as most people travel over christmas and get stung with expensive flights and accommodation.

All the best deals are during the "down seasons". 


If you do not have a specific date set this search engine can show you the awesome possibilities out there and some pretty mind blowing deals.


One of the most popular travel sites and for good reason. Expedia always comes up with great deals.



Another heavy hitter in the travel world and again for a very good reason. You will always find great flight comparisons and accommodation bargains.

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