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I haven't been writing much AT ALL these days. Life has been busy and blogging has taken a firm seat on the back burner.

But, I am now living back in Sydney, Australia and after spending the weekend with some visiting friends around Bondi, Tamarama, markets and restaurants I was quickly reminded (not that I needed to be) how beautiful and diverse Sydney is.

I can honestly say it feels good to be back, after what seems a life time of travelling. I will be planting my feet here for a while as we now have a baby on the way who is due in August too, so it is very exciting times in our household.

So let's get to it and map out a great to-do list of Sydney if you are visiting, especially in the Eastern Suburbs and beaches.

Firstly, I met my friends after they touched down and had checked into their Bondi Beach Airbnb at The Bucket List, so we could soak up the view and sun while they sipped on tasty Frosé and we ordered some no-fuss lunch. Dropping in here on a weekday for lunch means there is less competition for a table right out the front, which is great when you want too see all of Bondi Beach.

Image via - The Bucket List

From lunch we walked the beach path and checked out a few shops on Campbell Parade and the surrounding streets, I left them to it and headed back to work and organised dinner with them for the Friday night.

I know they started their morning with the Bondi to Coogee walk and soaked up just how stunning our country is - If you ever need a reminder of how lucky we are, just spend the morning soaking it all in on this magical coastal must-see.

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So, for Friday night's dinner, Chin Chin was the restaurant of choice. My friends are from Melbourne so they know this establishment well and I was excited to check out what the Griffiths Tea Factory was looking like these days after dreaming for years about owning the building myself.

Going to Chin Chin, you need to assume unless you've arrived at 5pm with your whole party or booked a table for 6 or more that there will be a little wait. Fortunately, my favourite bar in Sydney, is right around the corner. Tio's is a lively cervecería (that is still dodging the necessity for a website) serving up Mezcal from Oaxaca (Where we lived in Mexico) free popcorn to snack on, mind boggling margaritas among many other cocktails and a whole lot of fun vibes. I just have very fond pre-pregnancy memories of this spot, and I still had a good time sitting inside with my friends sipping on soda water because the bartenders and atmosphere is just downright funky.

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Once we got the message that our table was ready we headed back to Chin Chin for a feast. It was good food, but the price tag at the end, in my opinion didn't really match what was served up. But hey, it was a nice dinner. Just not my favourite restaurant.

Image via - Chin Chin

The next day I set the girls up with a decent list of markets in Paddington, Marrickville and Potts Point to check out while I ran errands and planned to meet up with them for lunch at the North Bondi RSL. You can't really beat the value and views at the RSL and the food aint' too bad either, simple but the quality is great.

That night I left the ladies to it while I attended other plans. They headed to Bondi Hardware for a nice dinner and a few rosé's (the drink of choice for the weekend) I am sure they loved the greenery, vibrant menu and pretty as punch cocktails at this Bondi fixture that seems to please everyone who walks through the doors.

Image via - Bondi Hardware

Sunday had arrived and we decided on having a relaxed bbq at Tamarama beach before they flew out that night. The weather was stunning, and the setting was a perfect way of getting the most out of their last day in Sydney. Tamarama is one of Sydney's best beaches, as it offers the grassy area with plenty of space for multiple groups to chill out and bbq and a short walk to the sand and rock pools for a refreshing dip. Plus, you can order food and coffee from the cafe just off the beach if you forgot your picnic basket.

Image via - Matt Lauder

After we finished sunning and bbq-ing we packed up and got the ladies to the airport. I not so secretly hope that this weekend might convince them to make the move to Sydney, it was so nice having lifelong friends close by.

If you are making the trip to Sydney, I definitely recommend checking out the above spots, or mixing it up with different restaurants and areas of the city. You really can't go wrong though, whatever your holiday or weekend style.

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