5 Best Coffee Spots in Oaxaca City

Coffee, the elixir of life. Here in Mexico we are lucky to have access to some of the highest quality, organic coffee in the world and there a many little cafes making damn good brews here in the city. Coffee plantations are dotted around Mexico, predominately in Chiapas and Oaxaca. There is a long and heavy history with the Mexican coffee industry, I am not well versed enough on the subject to delve deeper but I know that thanks to local famers forming their own co-ops and fair trade agreements, they are finally securing partnerships around the world on their terms for the right trade prices.

Now, I am definitely not a coffee snob. A cup of americano never disappoints, but when I want to get a bit fancy I go for an espresso cortado or a latte with almond milk and these are the places I found in the city that deliver the goods every time.

Cafeto Y Baristas

I found this place on my first visit to Oaxaca last year. I immediately fell in love with the cute set up and variety of coffee choices. However you have your coffee, they can make it. (Aero press, french press, Chemex, V60) There a two or three small tables, a tasty food menu and some sweet treats on the counter. Simply perfect.

Where: 407 Pino Suarez, El Centro

Hours: Mon - Sat / 8:30am - 9:30pm

Photo via @CafetoyBaristas


These guys have made huge steps in the last year. From a small bakery, to one of the best eateries in town. They make a mean coffee and if you grab a fresh pastry from the bakery and take a seat in the courtyard you will be in your own little heaven. Their menu is fantastic, I eat breakfast here most days and if I'm not eating here I am buying a take away coffee and a freshly baked loaf of bread to take home. Oh, and their pizzas in the afternoons from 2pm are just crazy good. Just sayin'.

Where: 207 Porfirio Díaz, El Centro

Hours: Mon -Fri / 8:30am - 8:30pm / Sat / 8:30am - 4pm

Photo via @boulenc

Jaguar Yuú

I wish I went here sooner. I knew about this place but just never went in until about a month or two ago. I ordered a dirty chai to mix up my coffee habits a bit and it was so good. I know they are good for more an I will try an espresso next time I pop in. Also, they are dog friendly too, just another bonus.

Where: 202 Murguía, El Centro

Hours: Mon - Sat / 8:30am -10pm

Photo via @jaguaryuu

Oaxaca En Una Taza

A cute little hole in the wall coffee shop just off the cobblestones behind the Santo Domingo Church. They have a range of fresh croissants daily and coffee blends to buy and of course they make a good brew. If it is crowded inside, get your coffee takeaway and sit on the shady steps at the back of the church. Just ignore the teenagers making out in the afternoons.

Where: 108 La Constitución, El Centro

Hours: Mon - Sun / 8am - 9pm

Photo via @ oaxacaenunataza

Café Brújula

A bustling Oaxacan institution with a few shops within Centro and around the outskirts. Always busy, always great coffee and you can take your laptop to the Macedonio Alcalá location and sip coffee while you work in the shady courtyard. You can't go wrong here.

Where: 104 Macedonio Alcalá, El Centro (Various Locations)

Hours: Mon - Sat / 8am - 10pm / Sun / 9am - 9pm

Photo via @cafébrújula

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