5 Best Rooftop Bars in Oaxaca City

Oaxaca is known for many things... mezcal, mole, chocolate, coffee, incredible textiles and I like to think the city has some amazing rooftop bars and eateries. I love drinking and eating anywhere with a view, open air and great atmosphere. So over the last few months I have made it a little goal to see as many rooftops as possible and pick my faves out of the bunch.

I have been spoilt for choice and cutting this list to 5 was tough, I had to even visit these establishments for a few extra cocktails just to make sure I had it right. It is a hard life, I am telling you.

Pal' Dolor

Newly opened, this mezcalería has done an amazing job with transforming the space into a very effortlessly cool hang out. The bottom floor is great for a few mezcales by the bar and a boogie but the upstairs terrace really takes the cake. Bordering cacti, hanging string lights across the roof and a gorgeous yellow tiled bar at one end. It is the perfect spot to try one of their many Mexican craft beers that the waiters offer every time you order another beer. I loved that touch! I ended up trying about 4 different beers because of this gesture (they have the beer you actually ordered on hand if you don't want the suggested one)

The food was incredible. Cocktails were delicious. Service was perfect. If I was giving scores out, this place would get 10/10.

Best for: Dinner, Mezcal, a boogie and an all round good time

Where: 200 Murguía, El Centro

Hours: Tue -Sat / 1pm - 2am


Situated on, in my opinion, the prettiest street in Oaxaca Centro. This rooftop is a little bit fancy and the view includes the towers of Santo Domingo Church and across the city to the gorgeous green mountains (or gold mountains, depending on what time of year it is). They offer some pretty cocktails.The stylish decor and sunny terrace surrounded with greenery sets the scene for a perfect Sunday afternoon looking over the city and sipping on a gin, guava and rosemary cocktail.

Best for: Fancy Sunday lunching

Where: 601 Calle García Vigil, El Centro

Hours: Mon - Sun 8am / Varying closing times

Hotel Los Amantes Terraza

A big sister to the famous Los Amantes Mezcalería, the rooftop has opened recently to the public. The unobstructed views of the surrounding mountains and Santo Domingo church are pretty impressive. The set up is pretty new, but as the staff settle in and things get rolling this place will just get better and better. They serve a small menu and a select few artesanal beers, wine and of course Los Amantes mezcal. There is a nice jacuzzi on the rooftop too, unfortunately I think it's reserved for hotel guests but it doubles as a running water feature.

Best for: Amazing views, mezcal and afternoon sunsets

Where: 108 Ignacio Allende, El Centro

Hours: Mon - Sun / 5 - 11pm

El Olivo

A very pretty rooftop deck for an afternoon wine and a few plates of tapas. Every day from rom 4 to 7pm when you buy a drink they will bring you a free little tapas! I like this place for comfort food too, the chilled Gazpacho is a perfect dish on a hot day and the Patatas Olivo are scrumptious.

A all round casual place to kick back and take a load off during the heat of the day.

Best for: A lazy lunch and families

Where: 207 La Constitución, El Centro

Hours: Tues -Sat / 4pm -1am / Sun 2pm -12am

Photos via - @elolivo

Casa Crespo

Now, this place has a great rooftop for some drinks. Only drinks. Don't worry about the food, eat else where. But in saying that, if you want to hear some loud beats while you sip your beer and check out the view, you are in the right place. Apparently, you can do cooking classes here during the day and they have amazing reviews... a little confusing but hey, beautiful rooftop with an amazing view and cold beers.

Best for: Loud music and groups of friends

Where: 107 Allende, El Centro

Hours: Tues - Sun / 1pm - 11pm

Photos via - @casacrespo

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*Photos taken by Ash-lea Gazzola, unless stated otherwise*

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