5 Best Vegan Restaurants in Mexico City

Finding vegan restaurants in Mexico can be tough. But Mexico City has had a huge influx of amazing eateries that are dishing up vegan goodness. 

I love how the world is slowly adapting to change, every day people are discovering better ways to eat for their health, the environment and the animals.

Anyway, Back to it... If you are in Mexico City or just having a stop over between destinations. Make sure you make the effort to visit these 5 incredible places for some great Vegan eats in Mexico .

#1 best Vegan restaurant in Mexico: Los Loosers

These guys are blowing up. They are mixing Mexican and Asian food and it works so damn well. Everything from ramen with mole giving you all the Oaxacan vibes and throwing them in a Japanese bowl of amazingness, THEN they are also cooking up some amazing Elote (Corn sticks, but don't be fooled by the simpleness) with almond cream and Chiltepín from Hermosillo, Sonora. They give shout out's to other states of Mexico by using their local ingredients in their dishes, which is awesome because your taste buds get to travel.

Oh I nearly forgot, they also deliver to your door!

Location - Sinaloa 236 B, Roma Norte, CDMX

Hours - Tue-Fri 8AM-6PM / Sat-Sun 11AM-5PM

La Pitahaya

Feel like a gourmet taco? Hell yes. La Pitahaya have delcious tortillas hand made of out beetroot, which gives them a beautiful pink colour, then they add ingredients like cauliflower and coconut. They made me re-think what ingredients should be used in a taco. Blew my mind with the flavours and colourful presentation, I could eat here every day and never be bored.

Location - Orizaba 139, Casa Quimera, Cuauhtémoc, Roma Norte, Roma Norte, CDMX

Hours- Mon-Fri 12am-10pm / Sat 10am-10pm / Sun 10am-8pm


A vegan bakery and coffee shop in Mexico!

 Smoothies, salads and amazing sweet treats live here. Raw vegan cheesecakes to die for and comfort food like roast tomato soup with fresh crusty bread will make your day.

But my favourite and the most important thing is that they make vegan donuts. Let the drooling begin.

Location - Revillagigedo 47, Colonia Centro,CDMX

Hours - Tue-Fri 11am-8pm / Sat 11am-9pm / Sun 11am-8pm 

Vegginos Pizza Vegana

They make their own vegan blend of mozzarella in house and their pizza bases are perfection. My favourite pizza is the "Daisy Flower" which has fresh tomato, basil, their house made mozzerlla and a rich tomato base. So simple, so tasty and once again these amazing people deliver!  

Hours-  Mon-Sun 2pm - 10pm (Closed Tuesdays)

For Delivery - Sin Delantal

Call -  71549012

Itacatl Fonda Vegana

All the veganised  Mexican classics your heart could desire. Grab some chilaquiles or enmoladas for breakfast, or maybe get the Menu del día (menu of the day) sent to your door. 

The food is fresh, full of flavour, super cheap and most importantly, cruelty free!

Location - Calle Querétaro 48, Roma Norte, CDMX

Hours - Mon-Fri 10am-6:30pm

For Delivery - 01 55 6279 7223

Your turn. Have you been to any of my favourite Vegan restaurants in Mexico City? Or, better yet, tell me if you have your own favourite that's not yet on this list!

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