Heading Back to Australia

Spending two years travelling/living abroad was incredible. An experience and education I would never trade for anything.

But, everything good comes to an end, and as one adventure ends another always begins. Heading home to Australia was super exciting and nerve racking at the same time.

I had a few things running through my head, "Are we ready for 'normal' life again?', "What is normal?", "Where do we want to live in Australia?" and of course "When are we going to travel again?"

That last one may seem weird to the non-travel addicted. Even after two years abroad, I still want more. There's no corner on this beautiful earth I that I don't want to see and explore.

Right now, we are visiting friends and family in sunny Queensland. We are super lucky to come back to some pretty glorious winter weather up here on the Gold Coast. I am not exactly running at the chance to head south (to Sydney and Melbourne), even though I will be there next week for family visits and work. I am preparing myself for some chilly weather, both fashion wise and mentally!

I have to say Australia seriously is BEAUTIFUL. I am very lucky to call this country home, and every time I return I love it more. For now, I am soaking up the sunshine, settling into my new adventure and still deciding on where we want to be based. We love Sydney (lived there most of our adult lives), Melbourne is ruled out (WAY too cold) and Queensland, specifically Burleigh Heads may be on the cards.

But for now, I am letting Australia wash over me again. The lovely people, the beaches, the amazing food, green lawns (I forgot about green grassed areas in Mexico!) and of course the luxury of seeing our family and friends after so long away. Still, I do a quick search every day for good flight deals anywhere and everywhere!

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