How to Survive Long Flights

If you have ever taken a long flight or endless bus ride around the world you know its tough. It is hard on your body and normally if you are changing timezones you will be all jet lagged and loopy. That's why I've decided to share my travel hacks so you can learn how to survive long flights, too.

After taking many crazy long flights, I have figured out my little routine to battle jet lag and survive the flight. I try to book a flight that is flying during the night so it feels more natural to my body to get some sleep. I have my meal*, get some work done, watch a movie and take some melatonin tablets to help me get some rest. Melatonin is great to take after your flight for a few days also, as it helps with jet lag recovery.

I also meditate before I go to sleep so my mind is not distracted and I have the best chance of getting a few hours of rest. There are some great apps for sleep meditation available and also some calming music apps that might help you relax also.

What's In My Carry On to Help Survive Long Flights?

My essentials are pretty basic but also life savers!

First of all you need a great travel bag to carry all of your goodies inside.

Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser

My face and hands dry up like a prune on long flights so having some moisturiser for my hands and face in my bag is invaluable.

Make up and Make up remover / Hair Stuff

Before I sleep I take all my makeup off, if I am wearing it. Then moisturise and kick back. If I am going straight into activities or work when I land I have my makeup basics with me so I can show up looking like a human and not a jet lagged yeti. I also bring some hair ties, bobby pins and small brush to tame my birds nest after my nap. Some revitalising face mist can add a touch of luxury to your flight too!

Sleep Mask

This one is pretty self explanatory but if you can get a fancy sleep mask, like one thats infused with Aloe Vera that will kick you sleep game up a notch.

Ear plugs

A must need. Block out everything and ensure some uninterrupted sleep.

Wet wipes

I bring wet wipes to freshen up, in between showers. It makes a huge difference! Also, some roll on deodorant helps you feel fresh.

Essential Oils

Lavender oil for rest and a blend of eucalyptus, tea tree and peppermint help me with any sinus congestion that I get during long flights.

Melatonin Tablets / Mini Medical Pack

Melatonin naturally occurs within our bodies and encourages natural sleep. Take melatonin for rest during your flight and also jet lag recovery for a few days after you have landed. I bring some paracetamol too incase a headache pops up to ruin my flight. Make sure you bring any necessary medications you may need too!

Spare Clothes

Take a spare outfit or shirt (and some undies). I always have leggings on and a big jumper to keep me cosy during the flight and a fresh shirt and pants for when I get off the plane. Also, a spare shirt comes in handy if you are clumsy like myself, and are probably wearing some of your meal from the flight.

Book / Kindle

Kindles are great, they take up minimal room and you can have endless options of books at your fingertips.

Portable Charger

For your phone, kindle, laptop... whatever gadgets you bring.


You may need to take notes for work or fill our your immigration forms. It is always handy to have a pen on hand.

Lip Balm

Because chapped lips suck!


So you can listen to music and chill out. Also, you can buy a great little airplane adapter so you can use your own comfy headphones for in flight movies.


Musli bars, gum and popcorn are my preferred snacks.

My number one advice for those wondering how to survive long flights: pack your carry on wisely! It's always better to be a bit over prepared than under.

Let me know what your must haves are and what I could add to mine to make flying as easy as possible!

*Pick your meal ahead of time online if the airline allows it, you will get served first then you can get straight to napping or watching that movie.

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