Taller Miku Meko, Oaxaca City, Mexico

To many sewing and embroidery might seem a little old school or drab. But, in the last few years artists have been reinvigorating the "Nana" scene with unique and creative takes on traditional methods. A quick Etsy search will bombard you with cool examples of how many are kicking the ugly embroidered tea towels to the curb and producing some damn fine, sometimes politically provocative art that is current and ever adapting to the times.

I love it when old ideas are re-created and I love it even more when the younger generations tackle their traditions and bring them into the present. So I was very happy to be introduced to a lovely lady by the name of Carolina Castañera who has taken the art of Huipil making (A traditional Mexican blouse) and thrown it into this century. Her designs are crazy, peculiar and bright. She runs workshops here is Oaxaca City, Mexico for those who are interested in creating their own huipil and she also sells her fabulous designs through her business page, El Huipil de La Ajolota Rosada (Huipil of the Pink Axolotl). I give full credit to Carolina for sparking my hobby in embroidery, now I am hooked.

It was also Carolina who brought me along to a sewing gang at Miku Meko. Yes, gang. I like to think of the ladies at Miku Meko as one bad ass group of women creating some seriously radical art. Miku Meko is a creative textile space that hosts ladies and gents from all around Oaxaca. The space is used as a workshop for these people to create income by making and selling their beautiful creations. They occasionally have open to public work shops and every Wednesday you can come sew, make some embroidery or just say hello from 5pm when the sewing group gets together, all are welcome.

I think when you move to a new city, state or country that you need to throw yourself into the new environment. I have tried to do this since moving to Mexico from Australia. I want to know all the little bits that you only find out if you are born and bred here. I love the history, the stories, the slang and all the different ways people express themselves. Joining groups that you share new or old interests with can help anyone feel at home in their new location, don't be afraid to put yourself out there.

If you are living in Oaxaca City or just passing through and are interested in textiles and embroidery, check out Miku Meko on Wednesdays at 5pm to meet some like minded peeps and share some stitches, or any other day to see some unique textiles available for purchase.

Miku Meko


Oaxaca Centro

Calle Allende 207 68000 Oaxaca

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