My Bucket List

I am living in Mexico right now and I have been thinking about the other places in the world that I need to see in the next few years. I have had a weird feeling lately like I am running out of time. I have to remind myself I have PLENTY of time to explore this beautiful world and I am so lucky to have already seen so much. There is no rush, but holy crap I can't wait to cross these destinations off my list!

So I have been diving deep into Pinterest and travel sites to create my ultimate list and I wanted to share my final cut with you.


I want to spend a spring in Helsinki, strolling through beautiful parks and sipping on coffee. Then wander off to Archipelago for the summer and explore old wooden towns and soak up the coastal lifestlye. Let's not forget Lakeland, how on earth can one country have so many incredible locations?! Finally, the main draw card for me, Lapland. Oh my goodness, one of my dreams is to see Aurora Borealis in real life, and here you can! But, not only can you just see them, you can sleep beneath them in a glass igloo. A GLASS IGLOO!

What kind of magic is this?

Check out - to fan girl over Finland like I do. (Their website alone is glorious, check out the interactive "Destinations" page.)

Amalfi Coast, Italy

I want to see every inch of Italy but the Amalfi Coast just calls my name. Winding coastlines with hidden beaches and amazing houses on cliff tops. I can just imagine driving an old convertible along the Amalfi Coast while eating pasta.... I will the passenger of course.

For some reason, the coast reminds me of the 50's, not that I was alive then but it has a vintage glamour feel and lashings of luxury.

Maybe I will keep this destination for my honeymoon.

See more of the gorgeous Amalfi Coast here


The Greek Islands to be exact. Well not really exact as there are tons of them! And they all have these lovely names that make me feel like I am reading greek mythology. For example, Zakynthos in the Ionian Islands, Kefalonia, Naxos and of course Santorini. There are so many islands for all different types of travellers, you can party hard or you can be completely isolated.

My dream vision would be to explore the Greek Islands by yacht with a glass of wine in hand.

Explore and dream about your Greek Island adventure here


Cuba has been kept in a time capsule for so long and now finally is has become a lot more easier to experience this vibrant country. The old cars and architecture of the buildings is a big draw to me, as well as the colourful culture and history of this country.

I can't wait to take a salsa class in Havana and sip a cocktail on the beach in Varadero.

Take a step back in time and get more information on Cuba here


One of my good friends is moving to Burgundy, France this year. I would like to explore her new hometown with her and conquer multiple winery tours along the country side. Also, Paris would be just spectacular to see in person as well as riding bikes along the River Seine and sipping rosé at picturesque cafes in the afternoon as the sun sets. Ahhhh, bliss.

To see more of beautiful France, pour yourself a glass of wine and start planning your trip here


A surf trip in the Maldives is one of my ultimate goals!

Waking up daily to perfect waves, a fruit platter and bungalow on the water or a cute little boat just screams perfection. I think this is a great adventure and relaxation kind of trip full of surfing, diving, massages and crystal clear ocean.

Here is some more info on surfing the Maldives


Last but far from least, Morocco.

I can't wait to see the electric colours of the buildings and find home decor inspiration from the extravagant architecture around every corner.

From camping in the Merzouga Dessert, trekking through the Atlas Mountains and searching through the Souks and Markets for hidden treasures, Morocco seems to be bubbling with culture, colour and exiting adventures.

Blow your mind with the colours of Morocco here

Well that is my Bucket List!

Where are your dream destinations and where else should I add to my list?

Let me know!

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