One Day in Los Angeles

Everyone has a different take on stop-overs. Depending on where they are, I love them. Stretching my legs and getting some free space off a plane, definitely eases my flight anxiety. Los Angeles is by far my fave, I flew in the other day from Mexico City at 9 am and my flight out to Australia wasn’t until 11:30 pm that night.

This gave me plenty of time to check out Venice Beach, shop at Abbott Kinney and explore Santa Monica.

What the hell do you do with your bags during a long stop-over at LAX?

The only issue is, where the hell do you put your bags when you can’t check them in 100 hours early? Due to 9/11, all LAX bag lockers are a thing of the past and there doesn’t seem to be any baggage companies running from the airport. Personally, I think that is a gold mine business idea. I hope someone cashes in on it one day.

What we did was, book a cheap hotel, drop our bags off and headed off down to Venice and Santa Monica for the day. The best part about grabbing a cheap room is that you can shower, freshen up and repack for your red eye flight and be as comfortable as possible. None of this sleeping on the floor at LAX crap. Couldn’t think of a worse way to pass time. Unless your are flying business class, then enjoy that lounge high roller.

After dropping all the bags of and arriving at the beach we decided to grab some freaking tasty food from Veggie Grill in Santa Monica. I had been craving some vegan fast food for the last 2 years in Mexico. After eating my body weight in burgers, chips and buffalo wing goodness, RIP City skates was next on our list (A must see for the lovers of dog town nostalgia.) That shop and the owner, Jim (Who’s owned the shop since day one) makes me wish I was there back in the day hanging out in that skate/punk/surf scene. His stories are incredible and if you have the time, ask him a few questions of old punk scene.

People watching at Venice Beach

Then we jumped on a bus and headed off to the beach to hire some bikes and cruise the boulevard. Watch the skaters, checkout the monsters at muscle beach, have a beer and enjoy some always entertaining people watching. Last time we were in Venice beach we got engaged on Santa Monica pier, so of course we re-visited our little spot and watched the surfers catch some waves.

After all of that it was about time to get back to the hotel room, and get ready for out flight out to Australia.

That's how I do a long stop over in LA. How do you survive or keep entertained during long stop overs?

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