Purling Brook Falls, Gold Coast Hinterland

We went chasing waterfalls over the holidays and it was pure heaven! The National Parks in Queensland are so ancient, world heritage listed and magical that they are a must visit if your here in Australia.

Springbrook National Park is on the top of the 'best waterfall's list' for me, being 109m in height and flowing over a stunning basalt lava rock. (remanent of a freaking huge volcano that spanned a total of 80km over 23 million years ago) The flora and fauna along the stunning hike are worth the trek alone, you will feel wrapped in nature from your first step.

The hike is a "level 3" and requires moderate level of fitness, supportive shoes and a bottle of water - in total it is a 4km circuit, but you can add another 2km on by visiting the Warringa Pool where you can take a refreshing dip and jump off some rocks. You aren't allowed to swim under the Purling Brook Falls themselves due to the delicate eco-system of the water, but you will still see annoying people doing so who didn't read the sign or just don't care.

I read previously to arriving that it is best to walk the circuit clockwise, or you will end your hike with 450 steps back up to the starting platform...Soooo, if you like a challenge - go anti-clockwise. We ended up having to come back the stair way after heavy rains had closed off the path on the other side of the suspension bridge at the bottom of the falls. It wasn't bad, a good work out for sure though.

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