Road Tripping to Nambucca Heads

Last week was my partner Zac's birthday. We thought a quick getaway was in order to celebrate, and brainstormed some ideas. We are currently based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia and Zac has family down the coast in beautiful Nambucca Heads, New South Wales.

Perfect! We decided to google some camper vans and make this more of a glamping trip. To my surprise those Winnebagos you see cruising around are super expensive to hire for a few nights! So, we checked out AirBnb, and alas, we hit gold with Big Bertha Campers here on the Gold Coast.

They have a small, but growing fleet of little camper vans that are fully equipped and ready to go. I am a pretty hard critic, I hate camping and normally this kind of travel is not up my alley...but, I freaking loved it! These little vans are so awesome, comfortable and set up with everything that it didn't feel like I was slumming it. So, we were off to a great start from the moment we got the keys to Betty (The cute name of our van)

Byron Bay is on the way down to Nambucca Heads, but we chose to by-pass the hippy mecca until the trip home. But we did catch wind of a cute town called Newrybar, that was worth a lunch stop. Newrybar is a little town a bit in land from Byron. The town consists of a gorgeous strip of artisan shops, co-ops, cafe's and deli's. Amongst the great shops that line the main street is a collective that hosts of some amazing designers and brands called Newrybar Merchants. The shop itself is an old, stunning house. Each room within the house is dedicated to each brand and their gorgeous displays. I pretty much got lost amongst the trinkets, furniture, rugs, bedding and bits and pieces. I got a tap on the shoulder from Zac after he found me sitting/day dreaming in a hanging chair by Society Inc by Sibella Court. I picked up a few things for some friends who had recently had babies, thanks to MiniMosh Kids and off we went in our little camper.

We reached Nambucca Heads in the afternoon in time for sunset and a lovely dinner with Zac's family. The next day consisted of a tour around Zac's, Dad's property to pick avocados and a sunny afternoon at Valla Beach followed by coffee's and lunch.

We chilled out for two nights down at Nambucca Heads, cooking some great food, spending time with family and enjoying the beautiful weather. But, it was time to get Betty back on the road and head home to the Gold Coast. We decided to stop in Byron Bay for lunch... I wish we just stopped in quiet Newrybar again. Being school holidays for Queenslanders, the town was packed. We ended up quickly eating and wanting to get outta there.

All in all, it was a pretty sweet road trip and I can't wait to have another glamping adventure, I have officially fallen in love with a new style of travel.

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