Volunteering in Mexico

Last year whilst living in Puerto Escondido, I was lucky enough to volunteer with Esteriliza Y Educa. A non-for-profit animal clinic who are helping educate people on animal welfare as well as providing veterinary care and sterilisation campaigns (de-sexing) for dogs and cats in the area.

Volunteering with Esteriliza Y Educa made such an big impact on my life. I was able to meet people from all around the world who were volunteering their time and skills to help these animals in poor situations. There were veterinarians from other states of Mexico, Australia, America and other far lands lending their talents at the clinic to make sure every animal that came in had a fighting chance at a better life.

The owner Alejandro García opens his home, which is also the clinic every Sunday so that people can bring their pets or strays that need help in to be de-sexed and examined for little to no cost. It is a basic set up but they get the job done with what they have.

Read more at We Are Travel Girls about my time volunteering and to learn more about the great things that Esterliza Y Educa do for the animals and people in Puerto Escondido.

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